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EPA: Tighten Your Soot Standards!

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Urge the EPA to increase its soot standards to decrease instances of pollution-related illnesses.

Though easy for us to overlook, our bodies are processing air pollutants and particles all day long ‐ using oxygen to power itself and expelling dangerous foreign agents. Most threatening particles are removed right away through coughs or sneezes; but some air we breathe contains agents that nestle themselves deep into our tissues and camp out until we find ourselves with serious health problems, like lung cancer and heart disease.

This is exactly what happens with soot, a particulate matter produced by coal plants and diesel engines, to name a few. The EPA has recently proposed long-overdue initiatives to tighten regulations against soot pollution, requiring cities to meet stricter standards when it comes to soot prevalence.

The EPA is holding a public comment period before these new regulations have the chance to go into effect. Write to the EPA letting them know you support cleaner air and the initiative to keep Americans healthy!

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The Petition:

Dear Environmental Protection Agency Executives:

As you know, over time soot pollution can cause critical and chronic health problems like bronchitis, asthma, lung cancer, heart defects, and death. Soot pollution is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

The EPA recently introduced long-overdue overhauls to current soot pollution standards, like reducing the amount of soot allowable from 15 micrograms to 12 micrograms. It's changes like these that are needed in order to see reduced rates of pollution-related illness.

I am writing in support of these proposed regulations to ensure we see a decline in the instances of preventable conditions caused by dirty air. Please move forward with the new standards and help make America's air the cleanest it has ever been.

Thank you.

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