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58%. That's the percentage of wildlife that has been lost to the world in just the last 40 years [1]. Much of this loss is due to big-picture issues, like climate change, deforestation, and pollution, which you may be aware of and act on already. But a lot of it is due to poachers, a relatively small proportion of humanity who put personal profit over every value we law-abiding citizens hold dear.

The illegal wildlife trade is now constantly in the news. The vaquita is nearly extinct because they are bycatch for poachers looking to sell fish bladders worth more than crack cocaine on the black market. The African elephant population has been decimated by half since the 1970s to fuel the illegal trade in ivory. Pangolins are falling prey to poachers who sell their scales, made of the same material as our fingernails, to misinformed people who believe they cure everything.

Now poachers are reaping so much profit that they are targeting not only vulnerable wildlife struggling to survive in their native habitat, but also valuable animals in zoos and sanctuaries. In February of 2017, the caretakers at a rhino orphanage in South Africa were assaulted and held hostage while poachers brutally killed two baby rhinos and stole their horns [2]. In March of 2017, poachers brazenly shot a beloved white rhino in the Paris zoo to steal and sell its horn [3]. In June of 2017, poachers infiltrated the Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, killing two elderly lions rescued from an abusive circus [4].

It has to stop. Fighting the illegal wildlife trade that is leading to so many extinctions begins right here, with you and me. Take the pledge to change the world now, because we're running out of time.

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In honor of the many innocent victims of poaching, I pledge to:

  • Use social media to share the stories of the victims of the illegal wildlife trade, in the hope of ending it,
  • Stay informed about the illegal wildlife trade and keep it alive in discussions with friends and family,
  • Refuse to support or accept animals and animal parts illegally traded or sold as medicine, food, and exotic pets,
  • Do my part to ensure that the use of illegally trafficked animal parts like pangolin scales and rhino horn becomes socially unacceptable,
  • Use my vote to protect vulnerable wildlife and habitat,
  • Avoid blaming accredited sanctuaries and zoos that are also poachers' victims, focusing on prevention and solutions, and
  • Donate as I'm able to sanctuaries I have researched and love to protect endangered species.

Petition Signatures

Jan 20, 2018 susan shawket
Jan 16, 2018 Katherine Mouzourakis
Jan 7, 2018 eric archambault
Jan 4, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 2, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Dec 23, 2017 marge beck
Dec 21, 2017 Alysa Waring
Dec 20, 2017 Robert Furem
Dec 19, 2017 T.J. Pitts
Dec 16, 2017 Dragana Stajic
Dec 15, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 15, 2017 christine burgess
Dec 14, 2017 Cynthia Marzett
Dec 14, 2017 Kim Holec
Dec 13, 2017 Anne Bumbak
Dec 13, 2017 Barbara Hrybinczak
Dec 13, 2017 Mr and Mrs Richard N. Huff
Dec 5, 2017 Colleen Emerson
Dec 5, 2017 Sherrill Callender
Dec 5, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Dec 5, 2017 Karen West
Dec 5, 2017 Ingrid Fines
Dec 4, 2017 regula HESS
Dec 4, 2017 Philip Douglas
Dec 4, 2017 Marie Soules
Dec 4, 2017 Jason Green
Dec 4, 2017 Buford Staton
Dec 4, 2017 Buchannan Jackson
Dec 4, 2017 H.C. Norris
Dec 4, 2017 G.T. Taylor
Dec 4, 2017 Gary Hill
Dec 4, 2017 Ronald Denton Clark
Dec 4, 2017 lidija jovanovic
Dec 3, 2017 Debra Roberts
Dec 2, 2017 Beth Reprince
Dec 2, 2017 joann izumi
Dec 2, 2017 Leanne Martin Supply & demand..punish the idiots who sell & buy poached items. EXTINCT IS FOREVER!!!!
Dec 2, 2017 Steven Schueller
Dec 2, 2017 Susan Schueller
Dec 1, 2017 Deborah Barber
Dec 1, 2017 Marianne Keller
Dec 1, 2017 Debra Wontor
Dec 1, 2017 Naomi Klass
Dec 1, 2017 Joan Virgil
Dec 1, 2017 Andrea Polden
Dec 1, 2017 Jennifer Johnson
Dec 1, 2017 Debbie Davis CMKBD CAPS
Dec 1, 2017 Michael Furia
Dec 1, 2017 Marissa Golomboski
Dec 1, 2017 Pia Vartabedian

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