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Goal: 30,000 Progress: 9,802
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Ocean trash threatens our aquatic wildlife more and more with each passing year. Commercial fishing nets are discarded into the sea, and whether intentionally or not, entangle animals with no chance for escape. Rubber like that from balloons ends up in the ocean and is deadly if consumed by animals who think it may be food. Plastic 6-pack can holders strangle small marine life.

It's hard to imagine, but our actions in our daily lives carry serious implications for the health of our oceans. Any litter that doesn't go to a landfill will almost undoubtedly — in one way or another — end up in a body of water that flows to the ocean.

We all need to participate in protecting our oceans' ecosystems if we truly want to affect change. Don't let animals like the sea lion in the photo suffer as a result of our negligence. Sign the pledge saying you will limit your litter and then click more info to see more ways to protect the oceans.

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Petition Signatures

Feb 25, 2018 Paula Smith I am horrified when I see the amount of trash that is constantly dumped into our oceans. It must be stopped.
Feb 24, 2018 Néstor Fernández Quintero
Feb 24, 2018 SIMONI Kapa
Feb 22, 2018 Robert Reed
Feb 22, 2018 Rosanne Gordon No comment. Just sadness.
Feb 21, 2018 Pixie indigo moon Findlay Moore
Feb 21, 2018 patricia gregory
Feb 21, 2018 Karrie Vukelic
Feb 21, 2018 Jenny Fortsch
Feb 21, 2018 Shannon Leitner
Feb 21, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Feb 21, 2018 keely mcleod
Feb 20, 2018 renay lawrence
Feb 20, 2018 Sarah Mallows
Feb 19, 2018 YVONNE HALL
Feb 17, 2018 H R
Feb 17, 2018 Teresa Barquet
Feb 17, 2018 Dunja Srdanovic
Feb 14, 2018 Jane Lemison
Feb 14, 2018 aya oda
Feb 11, 2018 Sieglinda Preez
Feb 8, 2018 syd v
Feb 8, 2018 Katherine Blabet
Feb 5, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Feb 4, 2018 Constance Monath
Feb 2, 2018 Caroline Gerlach
Feb 2, 2018 Ioanna G.
Feb 1, 2018 Rob Carter
Jan 31, 2018 Wanda Fallon
Jan 29, 2018 Patrice GARCIA
Jan 29, 2018 Cindie Victor
Jan 28, 2018 Shabnam Shafiq
Jan 28, 2018 Elizabeth McGowan
Jan 25, 2018 Audrey Peters
Jan 24, 2018 Dawn McClellan
Jan 24, 2018 Pilar Quintana
Jan 24, 2018 Mary Wilson
Jan 23, 2018 Laurie Anderson
Jan 21, 2018 Maria P Burke
Jan 20, 2018 Debbie Foster
Jan 19, 2018 Nancy Lewis
Jan 19, 2018 (Name not displayed) Are we ever going to learn? What affects them eventually affects us!
Jan 18, 2018 (Name not displayed)
Jan 18, 2018 Katherine Theiss I am so happy that you have good people out there that are helping with the Environment. I am totally wanting to help keep our waters free of pollution. I am always recycling my trash and will keep doing it. Keep up the good work everyone!!
Jan 16, 2018 Katherine Mouzourakis
Jan 13, 2018 Stacey Cannon
Jan 13, 2018 (Name not displayed) We need to protect our oceans from anything that can pollute them and kill off our aquatic life. NO DRILLING for OIL.
Jan 9, 2018 Lynn Gaudette
Jan 7, 2018 eric archambault

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