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A new fuel economy law enacted by the Obama administration addresses America's growing problems with global warming and dependency on oil. However, the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is launching a counter-suit that, if successful, could obstruct the new fuel standards and consequently heighten America's energy crisis.

The vitality of our planet depends on associations with authority like NADA to be responsible and make healthy choices for the environment. Send a letter to NADA's chairman, Edward C. Tonkin, asking him to act for the good of the earth and reconsider NADA's lawsuit.

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Dear Edward C. Tonkin:

As a concerned environmental advocate, I am quite appalled at NADA's decision to launch a suit against the Obama administration's recent decision on fuel economy standards. The administration's decision was made based on undisputable evidence that Earth's climate is warming and the idea that America needs to become less dependent on foreign oil.

One of the most compelling ways of limiting our dependence on oil and decreasing our carbon footprint is through improving automobile technology as well as requiring manufacturers to meet certain vehicle emission standards. In fact, automobile emissions not only contribute to climate change, but are also extremely carcinogenic. The new standards would go far in addressing problems caused by auto emissions both on a wide scope and also at the human level.

However NADA continues its attempts to block this legislation. I am writing to ask that you think responsibly for the welfare of our future. Please reconsider your opposition to the new standards and set the example for the rest of the world in the name of a cleaner planet.

Thank you for your time.

Petition Signatures

Jan 16, 2018 Katherine Mouzourakis
Jan 7, 2018 eric archambault
Dec 20, 2017 barbara gale
Dec 19, 2017 T.J. Pitts
Nov 20, 2017 patricia remollino
Nov 20, 2017 Terri Robb
Nov 20, 2017 John Dalla
Nov 19, 2017 Stacey Govito
Nov 12, 2017 DayLynn McDonald
Nov 7, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Nov 3, 2017 Cathy Dennler
Nov 2, 2017 Graciela Rodriguez-Sero
Nov 2, 2017 veronique Charvet
Nov 1, 2017 Patricia Poole Sure do miss Obama. He respected all the good things!!!!
Oct 29, 2017 Mark Schulman We are what we breathe
Oct 28, 2017 Fabian Müller
Oct 28, 2017 Deborah Moore
Oct 27, 2017 Vik Cooke
Oct 26, 2017 Kimberly Wallace
Oct 25, 2017 Donna Partin
Oct 23, 2017 June Curley
Oct 21, 2017 Alice Steijn
Oct 14, 2017 Karl-Heinz Braun
Oct 13, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 13, 2017 Roseann Maziarek
Oct 13, 2017 Caryl Johnson
Oct 13, 2017 Cassie Alford
Oct 13, 2017 Deb McGee
Oct 7, 2017 Barbara Idso
Oct 4, 2017 Dorothy Henry
Oct 2, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Oct 1, 2017 John Moszyk
Sep 23, 2017 Yumiko Starr
Sep 23, 2017 Nancy Bickford-Jordan Rather than block the bus, why not get on it?
Sep 22, 2017 Liz Pope
Sep 18, 2017 Kathy Smith
Sep 9, 2017 Wanda Mahboub
Aug 31, 2017 Barbara Salem-McCarthy
Aug 31, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 30, 2017 Inês Correia
Aug 24, 2017 (Name not displayed)
Aug 24, 2017 Rilla Heslin
Aug 22, 2017 Michalla Sutton
Aug 22, 2017 Doreen Walter
Aug 20, 2017 paula vanbuskirk
Aug 18, 2017 Apryl Mefford-Hemauer
Aug 16, 2017 Juliane Rocha
Aug 16, 2017 Laurine League
Aug 16, 2017 EJ Frost
Aug 15, 2017 Jeanette Stewart

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