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Save Our Bats!

Nearly seven million bats have perished since 2006 due to white-nose syndrome — it's being called the worst wildlife health emergency in US history. Continued depletion of this population is a catastrophe for agriculture and for the ecosystem.

We have to come together to fight this.

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End Foothold Trapping

Fur trappers have used foothold traps for ages and animals are dying because of them.

Unable to eat, seek shelter, defend themselves, or return to their families, fur traps harm animals significantly Help put a stop to them now!

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Help Save the Critically Endangered Vaquita

We need YOUR help to save the world’s smallest, most endangered cetacean! The Gulf of California harbor porpoise (Phocoena sinus), or vaquita marina, meaning “little sea cow” in Spanish, is only found in the murky waters of the northern Gulf of California, where it is swimming on the edge of extinction with only 30-odd individuals left.

Over many decades, the porpoise has been getting accidentally and fatally entangled in, legal and illegal, fishing nets. The situation today is dire, so much so that an international team of experts known as the VaquitaCPR team is currently working with the Mexican government to capture a few of the last remaining individuals and transferring them to a protected sea-pen, where they will hopefully be able to reproduce.

You can help!

Learn How!

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