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Help Give Elephants Refuge!

Elephant Aid International has secured 850 acres of land to create a refuge for retired & rescued elephants.

Shelter construction can't begin until two fences are constructed. We need your help to make this refuge a reality.

Help Bring Elephants To Safety! »

A Rescue You Won't Forget

Sea Turtle in Need

Though it's difficult to watch, this turtle rescue will make you want to stop using straws altogether. Watch the Video »

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Save the Honey Bees!

Bees play an incredibly important role in our world. In fact, an estimated 1/3 of the human food supply comes from bee pollinated plants. Unfortunately, our bees are in trouble.The bee population is declining at an unsustainable rate due to disease, hive pests, pesticides, climate change, and habitat loss. Additionally, Bees require a lot of space. Bees must collect nectar from two million flowers to make just one pound of honey, and one bee will make only 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her lifetime!

In order to fight this decline, Bee Girl is partnering with farmers to establish "Bee Pasture" - land set aside specifically for bees. Through research, development, adn education, Bee Girl ensures there is sufficient habitat for bees, "nectar flow" for beekeepers, and nutritionally and economically improved pasture for farmers and their livestock. Your support will enable us to plant, research, and develop pasture for bees, and also help us to educate farmers on how to utilize our findings!

You can help!

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