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Stop Baby Sea Turtle Poachers

Baby turtles, driven by instinct, work hard to survive. Unfortunately, local poachers dig up eggs from nests on the beach and also capture and kill adult nesting turtles to use for turtle soup. Your donation helps fund a patrol vehicle for La Tortuga Viva Sanctuary.

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Bumblebee Bat Endangered

This one-of-a-kind pig-nosed bat is perhaps the smallest mammal in the world. Sadly, this tiny creature is threatened by forest fires, collectors and uninformed tourists. Learn More »

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Endangered Asian Elephant

Protect Endangered Asian Elephants works with several reputable partners in Asia who aim to protect, rescue, and rehabilitate captive Asian elephants. Our partners work to rehabilitate these animals and give them a safe space to live peaceful lives.

You can help. This Gift That Gives More™ will support the work of our trusted partners to protect and care for rescued Asian elephants.

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