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Dolphins Take the Beach!

Fishing Dolphins

Dolphins in eastern Georgia USA have discovered an incredible way to catch their dinner — you won't believe their unique fishing method! Check it Out »

Help Feed Tigers

Help lifetime sanctuaries care for tigers rescued from the pet trade.

IFAW has committed to rescuing big cats from dangerous or cruel captive situations, and moving them into qualified lifetime sanctuaries. IFAW is identifying the best ones and helping them increase the number of big cats they can handle.

Learn About the Project and Donate »

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Protect These Great Forests.

The rainforests of the Southeast Asian island of Borneo are among the most biodiverse in the world. Unfortunately, the numerous endemic species are at high risk of extinction due to habitat destruction caused by deforestation and expansion of oil palm plantations.

This ecosystem needs the help of everyone to keep its inhabitants safe.

Help Here!

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