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Primates Aren't Pets!

There's no denying how adorable a baby chimpanzee may be, but efforts to contain these animals as pets are as shortsighted as they are costly.

The dangers of keeping a primate warrant a nationwide ban on the ownership of any primate as a pet.

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Protect Rhinos from Poachers

Endangered Rhinos

Despite laws ensuring their protection, rhinoceros are still being hunted illegally at an alarming rate. Find out how you can help save rhinos from going extinct »

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Freedom Refuge for Retired Elephants

There are currently over 400 elephants living in United States zoos and circuses. Once they were wild but captured and put on display for entertainment.

As circuses make the decision to end the practice of including elephants in their acts, many elephants are loaned to zoos or live in chains in circus winter quarters. As a result, elephants are moved to unsuitable places for extended periods of time or are not rescued at all.

But now, Carol Buckley is trying to help build a suitable environment for rescued elephants at Elephant Aid International's Elephant Refuge North America.

You can help these animals too!

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