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Great Bear Rainforest

Save Great Bear

A panel recently recommended the Canadian government grant conditional approval to a pipeline through Great Bear Rainforest.

Environmental groups and the First Nations are planning to fight the decision. Stand with them and voice your opposition to the presence of a pipeline in Great Bear.

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Even Big Cats Start Out Small

Fluffy Cheetah Cub

Before cheetahs grow up to be the fastest cats on the planet, they start off as little fluffy cubs. Check out these adorable cheetah cubs! »

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Protect These Great Forests.

The rainforests of the Southeast Asian island of Borneo are among the most biodiverse in the world. Unfortunately, the numerous endemic species are at high risk of extinction due to habitat destruction caused by deforestation and expansion of oil palm plantations.

This ecosystem needs the help of everyone to keep its inhabitants safe.

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