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Latest Our World Is Wild Articles

Ultimate Barn Owl Slow-Motion Footage

Feb 19, 2014: The grace and beauty of a barn owl in flight is an incredible marvel of nature. This slow motion footage captured by Earth Unplugged shows the steps of the barn owl's silent attack.

The Love Collection by National Geographic

Feb 18, 2014: Love takes many forms throughout the animal kingdom. From lions and chimps to cheetahs and zebras, these animals all show affection in their own unique ways.

Warning Colors in the Animal World

Feb 17, 2014: In the animal kingdom, creatures either try to blend in with their surroundings or go bold and bright to warn predators of their poisonous or venomous status.

New Animal Discoveries of 2013

Feb 14, 2014: From legless lizards to purring monkeys, scientists described thousands of unique animal species in 2013.

What Does The Plant Say?

Feb 13, 2014: Brace yourselves, vegetarians: new research into biomechanics indicate that plants might be able to detect sounds and respond based on what they're hearing.

What In The World Is A Narwhal?

Feb 12, 2014: A narwhal is very unique and noticeable in the whale kingdom, but little is actually known about this interesting animal.

Three Neat Facts About Narwhals

Feb 12, 2014: Did you know that the narwhal's horn is actually a giant tooth?

Up Close And Personal With Sea Lions

Feb 11, 2014: Joining a group of sea lions on a swim sounds like something from a dream sequence, but for two lucky divers, it was a reality.

IFAW Releases Amur Tiger Zolushka

Feb 11, 2014: Recently, IFAW released Zolushka, an Amur tigress that was orphaned as a cub when her mother was likely killed by poachers.

Top 10 Awesome Animal Sounds

Feb 10, 2014: This video clip narrated by Maddie Moate of Earth Unplugged features ten of her top favorite sounds produced by nature's various creatures.

Manatees: Gentle Giants

Feb 7, 2014: Residing in the rivers and waterways of Florida, the gentle manatee is a large but peaceful presence.

Great White Giants

Feb 6, 2014: Great white sharks are often feared and misunderstood by humans, but they are actually more like us than we think.

Why Do Flamingos Stand on One Leg?

Feb 6, 2014: Ever wondered why flamingos stand on one leg? Science has been working to uncover the answer for years and believes they might have found the answer.

Lizard Mimics Spitting Beetle

Feb 5, 2014: Sometimes, the best offense is a good defense. This holds especially true for a clever little lizard that, by changing its color and gait, makes itself look like a tough spitting beetle.

Koalas Are Not Bears

Feb 4, 2014: Contrary to popular belief, Koalas are not actually bears, although they have been referred to as "Koala Bears" for many years.
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